Fibermint: Developing and Manufacturing ODN fiber optic splice closure

GP-T408-12SC Optical Distribution Unit (ODU)


  • The ODU box is designed for the connection of optical fiber to pigtail and providing full splice, 12 SC adapter patching, splittingand perfect fiber management.
  • The ODU box is used indoor or in the street cabinet.

Features & Benefits

  • Adopted high-strength engineering alloy plastic, long service life.
  • Slide open-type structureand it will give you “click” sound when the cover lock in place.
  • Operating space divided into two parts for the loop-through cable and pigtail splicing. Easy for its installation and maintenance.
  • Splice trays adopt book page flip design. The traycan stand at 45 and 90
  • Maximum for 12 SC adapters and Micro splitter 1:4 is suitable.




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