Fibermint: Developing and Manufacturing ODN fiber optic splice closure

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Fiber optic splice closure

Fiber optic splice closure is a device used to protect optical fiber splices. It usually consists of a housing, a seal and a connector. A fiber optic connector is a device that connects two or more optical fibers together, and completes the transmission of optical signals through the connector.

Optical fiber splicing boxes are mainly used for the protection and management of optical fiber joints in optical fiber communication and optical fiber networks. It protects fiber optic splices from external environments such as moisture, dust, fine particles, corrosion, and mechanical damage. At the same time, the optical fiber splicing box can also provide convenient splicing and management functions for optical fiber connectors.

When installing the optical fiber splicing box, it is necessary to install the optical fiber connector on the optical fiber connector, and insert the connector into the optical fiber splicing box. Then use the sealing device to seal the optical fiber splicing box to prevent the external environment from invading. Fiber optic splice boxes can also be installed in different locations through various wiring methods (such as wall hanging, hoisting, etc.).


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fiber optic splice closure

Fiber optic splice closure
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