Fiber optic in-line closure

The fiber optic in-line closure is an enclosed tubular container used for housing and protecting fiber splices in aerial, duct or direct-buried applications.

Fiber optic in-line closure

Advantages of Fiber optic in-line closure

Excellent product design

Fibermint's products use unique technology to achieve low insertion loss, high return loss and stable thermal cycling performance to ensure long-term reliable operation.

Customized products

Fibermint has strong technical strength, can customize design according to customer needs, and provide personalized solutions.

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The fiber optic in-line splice closure is a protective device designed for direct buried cables. It has the following characteristics:

  • Compact tubular or lined structure for easy direct burial installation. The housing is sturdily built to provide sufficient mechanical strength.

  • Interior has fiber organizing trays, clips to secure fiber splices. Provides ample space to store multi-core fibers.

  • Openings at both ends or bottom for cable entry. Sealing collars at openings mate tightly with cable jackets for waterproofing.

  • Easy “plug-and-play” installation on site without extra operations.

  • Compatible with various direct burial methods like direct burying, shallow trenching, microduct laying.

  • Excellent protection to withstand underground conditions, preventing splice damage from pressure, tension or underground water.

  • Long-term reliable operation to ensure buried cable transmission performance.

In summary, this product is specialized for direct buried cable splice protection, with quick installation and reliable performance, making it an ideal choice for buried cable protection.

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