Fibermint: Developing and Manufacturing ODN fiber optic splice closure

FAT-10B-1 Fiber Access Terminal Enclosure 10 Ports With Huawei Hardened Adapters IP68 Protection


  • The enclosure provides fiber optic cable management for the connection of distribution cables and drop cables with advantages of less cost and faster deployment at the user access point in fiber optic network.
  • It also helps save installation time and labor cost by plugging the cable with hardened connectors  into the matching fiber adapters without terminating fiber optic cable in the field again.
  • The enclosure integrates fiber cable fixation, storage, splicing and distribution in an outdoor and indoor wall mounting and outdoor pole mounting box.


  • Water-proof design with IP68 Protection level
  • Integrated with splice tray and cable management system
  • Fiber bending radius control more than 40mm
  • Suitable for the fusion splice or mechanical splice




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