Fibermint: Developing and Manufacturing ODN fiber optic splice closure

GJS-M0066 Mechanical Seal and Bid Capacity Dome Closure

Feature & Benefits

  •  The housing is made of high-strength engineering plastics with the good mechanical performance and  strong corrosion resistance, long service life. Suitable for overhand or underground. 9 cable holes (8 round & 1 oval),  the oval one could be used for the loop-through uncut cable;
  • Stacked structure splice trays and independent insulation grounding device make it flexible, convenient and safe for the optical fiber core configuration, expansion and the cable grounding;
  • The product adopts mechanical seal system, easy for the cable installation, specially for drop cables.
  • two cable storage cassettes and one inclined storage tray provide a larger storage space, which is conducive to the distribution of multi-core optical cables.




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