Fiber Optic Outlet with slidable cap

Item No.: GP-T8683
Size: 130*83*23.5 mm
Color: RAL 9003
Splice capacity: 2 FO
Max. adapter: 2 SC
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. Application 

Wall mounted termination box for end user, indoor use, capable to handle fiber fusion, fiber
cables and 2 SC adapters.

. Specifications

Parameter Value Remark
Model GP-T8683  
Outside Dimension (mm) 130*83*23.5 HxWxD
Material Plastic  
Color RAL9001  
Storage of fibers G.657 A1, G.657B3  
Splice capacity 2/4 FO  
Splice Method Fusion Splice 40mm sleeve applied
Adaptor type and count 2 SC or 2 Duplex LC  
Input cable 3mm or figure 8 (2*3mm)  

. Features & Benefits

. Support termination, splicing and storage for fiber optic cable systems
. Compatible with G.657A1 and G.657B3
. Compact structure and perfect fiber management
. Engineered fiber routing protect bend radius through the unit to ensure signal integrity
. Applicable for wall-mounted and compatible with flush mounted outlet.
No. Name Qty
1 Expansion bolts for the outlet wall-mounted 2pcs
2 Splice sleeve 2pcs