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Ningbo Fibermibt Telecom Equipment Co., Ltd.

Fibermint will strictly follow the relevant communication standards and the <The Consumer Protection Law of the People's Republic of China> promising to consumers is as follows:

Three Guarantees 

1. To the products sold by Fibermint, we exercise two years warranty and life-long maintenance system.
2. If there is a quality critical defect that cannot be repaired, we will recall the goods within a year, and be responsible for replacement within two years, and be, responsible for maintenance within three years.
3. If the product quality issues are caused by users’ improper or improper storage, it is responsible for the three years warranty, but the fees collected.
4. In the period of these three guarantees, if the quality problem caused by the product itself, the maintenance costs will be free.


After-sales Services

1. Fibermint is committed to the safest, most efficient mode of transport for your arrival to provide quality service.
2. Fibermint undertakes on a regular basis to provide the latest product information and technical support if there are any technical problems, please send an email or call our sales.
3. To enable device users to quickly master the operation and maintenance of equipment, Fibermint will provide the appropriate training.
4. Fault response time of a working day, if quality problems occur, you can contact us by phone, fax, and other forms to inform Fibermint. The technical staff will form the problems to answer by phone, fax or web.

Exception Clause

Free retreat, changing, and the guarantees will not be given if it is one of the following situations:
▪ Consumer due to the use, maintenance, damage caused by improper storage.
▪ The damage caused by the demolition of unauthorized moving or re-processing.
▪ No certificate and effective delivery invoices.
▪ The certificate does not match the model and product type or altered.
▪ Due to damage caused by force majeure.