8 Core FTTH Fiber Floor Distribution Terminal w/ Clamshell | GP-T427

Item No.: GP-T427
Type: Indoor Floor Terminal Box
Application: FTTH
Color: White (Support Customization)
Dimension: 169×130×44mm
Inlet / Outlet (Cable): 2/2
Outlet (Pigtails): 8
Adapters: 8 SC
Splice Capacity: 8
Splitter: Micro splitter

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Fibermint GP-T427 is an economic type of this Indoor Floor Terminal Box Family. To keep its 8 fusion splices and achieve economic type (lower price), it adopts high-strength engineering plastic with smaller sizes of box, and accommodates a smaller and simpler splice tray. Also, to make the installation and re-use more convenient, a part of the lid is designed with a clamshell for new subscriber access, such design helps you doing modification of subscribers without opening the entire box.  


Fibermint GP-T427 is designed for the connection of optical fiber to pigtail and providing full splice and perfect fiber management. The box is used indoor or in a cabinet, its capacity of 8 SC adaptors and 1 splice tray, micro splitter 1:8 is applicable.

Features & Benefits

1. Made of Brand new plastic LSZH.
2. The special window for drop cable access, no need to open the whole box. 

3. Clear fiber function area division and clear fiber routing.

4. Special slot for micro splitter 1:8 in the splice tray.

5. Splice tray can keep on 100 degrees.

6. Adaptor holders can be lifted and make the installation easy.



Model: GP-T427
Dimension 169×130×44mm
Inlet / Outlet (Cable) 2/2
Outlet (Pigtails) 8
Adaptor 8 SC
Splice Tray Model -
Quantity 1
Capacity 8
Splitter 1:8 Micro Splitter


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