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Fibermint is one of the professional China in-line closures manufacturers that has specialized in developing and manufacturing ODN products since 2008. Fibermint applies its unparalleled expertise in material science and optical communication along with its deep R&D and manufacturing capabilities, to develop high-quality products that help dozens of states develop optical communication and enhance people's lives. As a well-known OEM fiber optic in-line closures factory, after 14 years of development, we now provide a wide range of solutions in the FTTx (FTTH, etc.) system with ODN products. Specialized in providing a variety of fiber optic splice, distribution, and terminal products, such as Fiber Optical Splice Closures, Fiber Distribution Boxes, Fiber Termination Boxes, wholesale fiber optic in-line closures, and Fiber Access Terminals. The company is based in Yuyao City, which is a place near Ningbo Port with its famous mold process technology and plastic market in China. This city brings us all the possible needs of the entire chain, from production to supply to marketing.
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Through years of development and hard work, the company has accumulated rich management experience.

Industry knowledge expansion of In-line Closure

An in-line closure is a type of enclosure used in fiber optic networks to protect and secure fiber optic cables and connections. As the name suggests, it is designed to be installed in-line with the fiber optic cable, providing a secure and weatherproof seal for the cable and the connections.In-line closures are typically made of high-quality materials such as plastic or metal, and are designed to be rugged and durable, able to withstand exposure to environmental factors such as extreme temperatures, moisture, and UV radiation. They are often used in outdoor or underground applications, where they can help to ensure reliable and efficient fiber optic connectivity.
In-line closures may include various features and accessories to facilitate fiber optic connectivity and maintenance, such as cable management trays, sealing grommets, and splice trays. Some in-line closures may also be designed with multiple ports, allowing for multiple cables and connections to be housed within a single enclosure.
Advantages of  in-line closure
There are several advantages to using an in-line closure in a fiber optic network:
1.Versatility: In-line closures are designed to be installed in-line with the fiber optic cable, making them a versatile solution for a wide range of applications. They can be used in a variety of environments, including outdoor and underground installations.
2.Weatherproofing: In-line closures are designed to provide a secure and weatherproof seal for fiber optic cables and connections, protecting them from water, dust, and other environmental factors. This helps to ensure reliable and efficient fiber optic connectivity, even in harsh environments.
3.Capacity: In-line closures are often designed to accommodate multiple cables and connections within a single enclosure, helping to reduce the number of enclosures needed for a given fiber optic network. This can help to reduce costs and improve overall efficiency.
4.Easy installation: In-line closures are generally easy to install and maintain, requiring minimal tools or expertise. They often come with mounting hardware and other accessories, which can simplify the installation process and help to ensure a secure and reliable connection.