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Fibermint is one of the professional China fiber optic connectivity patchcords manufacturers that has specialized in developing and manufacturing ODN products since 2008. Fibermint applies its unparalleled expertise in material science and optical communication along with its deep R&D and manufacturing capabilities, to develop high-quality products that help dozens of states develop optical communication and enhance people's lives. As a well-known OEM fiber optic connectivity patchcords factory, after 14 years of development, we now provide a wide range of solutions in the FTTx (FTTH, etc.) system with ODN products. Specialized in providing a variety of fiber optic splice, distribution, and terminal products, such as Fiber Optical Splice Closures, Fiber Distribution Boxes, Fiber Termination Boxes, wholesale fiber optic connectivity patchcords, and Fiber Access Terminals. The company is based in Yuyao City, which is a place near Ningbo Port with its famous mold process technology and plastic market in China. This city brings us all the possible needs of the entire chain, from production to supply to marketing.
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Through years of development and hard work, the company has accumulated rich management experience.

Industry knowledge expansion of Patchcord

Fiber optic connectivity patchcords are an essential component in the transmission of data over fiber optic cables. These patchcords provide a reliable and secure connection between fiber optic equipment, allowing data to be transmitted quickly and efficiently. 
Structure of Fiber Optic Connectivity Patchcords.Fiber optic connectivity patchcords consist of two connectors on either end, each of which is connected to a fiber optic cable. These connectors are typically made of ceramic or plastic materials, and they can be of various types, including SC, ST, LC, and MTP/MPO. The cable itself is made up of optical fibers that are bundled together and protected by a protective coating, such as PVC or LSZH.
Types of Fiber Optic Connectivity Patchcords
1.Single-mode patchcords: These patchcords are designed to transmit ata over long distances, typically up to 10km or more. They use a small core diameter of around 8-10 microns, allowing for a single mode of light transmission.
2.Multi-mode patchcords: These patchcords are designed to transmit data over shorter distances, typically up to 2km or less. They use a larger core diameter of around 50-62.5 microns, allowing for multiple modes of light transmission.
3.Armored patchcords: These patchcords have an additional layer of protection in the form of an armored jacket, which helps to protect the cable from physical damage.
4.Bend-insensitive patchcords: These patchcords are designed to be more flexible and can withstand tighter bends without affecting the signal quality.
Benefits of Fiber Optic Connectivity Patchcords
There are several benefits to using fiber optic connectivity patchcords, including:
1.High speed: Fiber optic patchcords can transmit data at very high speeds, making them ideal for applications that require fast data transfer rates.
2.Reliability: Fiber optic patchcords are more reliable than copper cables as they are less susceptible to electromagnetic interference (EMI) and radio frequency interference (RFI).
3.Security: Fiber optic patchcords are more secure than copper cables as they do not emit any electromagnetic signals that can be intercepted.