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12 Outputs Fiber Optic Floor Terminal Box | T404-12F

12 Outputs Fiber Optic Floor Terminal Box | T404-12F

Part No. T404-12F
Max. Capacity 12 Fusion Splices
Standard Configuration
 ■ Wall-mounting Kit 
 ■ Nylon Cable Tie 

 ■ Splice Sleeve 
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  • Floor Boxes are designed with flexibility in applications - A box can have two or more different configurations to fit slightly different of requirements. These boxes usually used for Indoor fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) deployments.

    ■ The T404-12F Floor Box is specifically designed to be installed on each level of a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) building for fiber to the home (FTTH) applications.
    ■ FTTH Floor Box designed for fiber optic connection.
    ■ Lightweight, easy wall mounting
    ■ Removable cover with special screw lock.
    ■ Perfect fiber management - Clear fiber function division and fiber routing
    ■ Easy to install and connect. No special tools are required.
    ■ Protection Grade: IP43

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