Mechanical sealing Dome closure 144 FO | GJS-M1445

Item No.: GJS-M1445
Splice capacity: 144 FO
Dimensions:  450×φ230 mm
Cable ports:  1×φ50 mm + 4×φ17 mm
Description Cable ports and seal kits Splice tray & storage tray Packing info

Fully mechanical sealing dome closure: GJS-M1445


. Application

Fully mechanical sealing dome closure with one big round port for loop-through cable and 4 smaller circular ports for branch cables. 6 splice trays 12/24FO, 144 splices. IP68, suitable for aerial, wall, pole or duct, manhole, direct bury.


. Specifications

Part Number GJS-M1445
Dimensions (mm) 435×φ230mm
Cable ports 1 big port and 4 small circular ports
Suitable cable diameter Inner diameter of the small port is17mm 
While the big port is 40mm
Optional multi-holes rubber Suitable for drop cables of different diameter
Max. number of splice tray 6 x 12/24FO
Splice capacity in total 144 FO
Splitter type Micro PLC splitter 1 (2)x16, 1 (2)x32
Cable storage tray Applicable

. Main cable port and it's seal kits

.  Varity rubber grommets for drop cables of different diameter


. Specs of splice tray

Part No. P105
Outside Dimensions 230x120x10mm
Inside Dimensions 188x116x 8mm
Material PC/ABS
Splice capacity 12/24 FO
Suitable sleeve 60mm
Bend radius ≥50mm
Plastic cover For top tray

. Specs of storage tray
Part name Storage tray
Outside Dimensions 200x120x16mm
Material Metal
Surface  Plastic spray
pe wrapping filmgalvanized c purlin steel