Outdoor fiber optic distribution box 12C introduction and installation

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Author : Monte Carlo
Update time : 2020-03-09 10:59:57


Outdoor Fiber Optic Distribution box 12C (model FDB-12C) is designed for outside plant splicing, patching, and termination for a variety of applications including FTTH installations, especially suitable for pole and wall mounting application. The enclosure is made by high-quality engineering plastic construction which provides superior protection for the fiber management system. The degrees of protection provided by the enclosure is IP55, available for both indoor and outdoor.
The top enclosure is secured to the base of the enclosure with a key-lock system capable of keeping the enclosure closed, and two more snap latches near the lock can also provide additional security. This type of design can also allow works to re-open and do modification after mounted.
Open the enclosure we can see a large splice tray that can be flipped, the front panel houses an insert with an integrated adapter module, capable of holding up to 12 adapters, and a room above the adapter plate for fiber retention. Flip over the splice tray, on the other side, there are several splice modules, capable of holding up to 20 fusion splices. And above it, it’s a well-designed area for fiber retention and routing as well.
The base of the enclosure is designed for housing pigtails, fix optical fiber cable and optical fibers. in the front of the base of the enclosure, there are several different sizes holes. To the left is the inlet of optical fiber cable. It has a bonding plate for strength core reinforcement, mid-span ports to maintain the integrity of sealing, and grounding kits if necessary. To the right, there are 12 outlets for pigtails, which also has sheaths and grommets to maintain the integrity of sealing.


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