It's been a long time since last confirmed case has been cured in Ningbo!

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Author : Monte Carlo
Update time : 2020-03-21 13:48:29

According to data shown by the Zhejiang government, In Zhejiang (where Fibermint located), until March 20, 2020, we now have 1234 confirmed cases and 1219 cases have been cured. The number of new confirmed cases every day almost stops showing up.

Meanwhile, in Ningbo, it's been a very long time since the last confirmed case has been cured, which means this coronavirus outbreak in our city has been controlled. Followed by our government leading, after approximately two and a half months of self-isolation, we finally had our first victory.

Now, almost all enterprises have returned to work, however, as the first-level public health emergency response in Zhejiang still remains on, we still got all the necessary equipment (such as infrared thermometer, mask, disposable gloves, etc) to monitor every employee's body temperature every day.  

Although the situation is getting much better, we still have to behave ourselves to maintain the achievement and make sure this outbreak ends as soon as possible.  

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