A brand new design on fiber optic terminal box

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Author : Monte Carlo
Update time : 2020-03-16 13:19:44

What is fiber optic terminal box?

A fiber optic terminal box is an optical closure that provides protection to optical fiber splices and pigtails, which also has the ability to provide optical fiber splitting and patching. As its name suggests, it terminates the optical fiber cable for end-users, usually used indoors for FTTH application. 

Unlike fiber optic splice closure, a fiber optic terminal box should be designed easy-to-use and easy-to-install. Usually, considering it won't be buried underground or facing direct sunlight, it usually doesn't require a very high ranking of waterproof or dustproof. Designers usually love to spend more time on figuring out how to make it more convenient for installation and usage. 

Thus, we would like to introduce our new clamshell design. 


What is the brand new design?


As you can see from the picture above, this is Fibermint model GP-T427, the new design of fiber optic terminal box. In order to make it “easy-to-use”, half of the cover is designed as a clamshell that can be flipped over without opening the entire cover. Also, in the picture, you can see when the clamshell flipped over, only 8 SC Adaptors are exposed, which allows workers to plug in the patch cord easily without opening the entire cover. Such a design also makes it more convenient when people re-use the terminal box, only open the clamshell won't mess up the integral fiber retention system.

What are the features and benefits of it?

First, is the clamshell design ---- workers do not have to open the whole cover to plug in or pull out drop cables, this helps them save time and improve efficacy.

Second, inside the box, it has only one splice tray and one fiber retention area beneath, which makes both fiber retention and fiber routing clear and easy to manage.

Third, if you take a closer look at the splice tray, you will see a small space near the grooves against the edge, it is used for micro splitter 1:8 if needed.

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