Fiber Optic Floor Box

Fiber Optic Floor Box

The box has 24 output ports and 1 splice tray 12/24 splice. It is specifically designed to be installed on each level of a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) building for fiber to the home (FTTH) applications. It is the transition point between the riser and the h
  • Splice: 12/24
  • Outside Dimension(mm): 123×183×37
  • Cable Diameter(mm): 3×Ø15
  • Mid-span port:Y
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24 Outputs Fiber Optic Floor Terminal Box

Fiber Optic Floor Box

Part Number:  GP-T404-24F

Discription: Fiber optic floor box with 24 plastic drop ports , 1 splice tray 12/24FO.

Fiber optic outlet

Features & Benefits

     24 plastic drop ports, suitable for 2mm cable.

  ▪   The splce tray is suitable for 24 fusion splice .

  ▪   The box cover can be removed completely.

  ▪   Operating space divided into two parts for the 

       loop-through cable and pigtail splicing. Easy for its installation and maintenance. 

  ▪   Flip design for the splice tray, opening angle reaches to 90.

  ▪   Bend radius in the tray is greater than 30mm.




Cable ports and cable diameter (max)


Splice capacity 






Ø15mm uncut cables.

24 ports for drop cables of 2mm

12f (single layer)

24f (double layer)