Dome Closures

576FO 9+1 Ports Dome Closure: GJS-D5049

Big splice capacity dome splice closure, 576 splice, 9 circular ports and 1 oval port for loop-through cable. IP68, suitable for aerial, underground and duct application.
  • Splice: N.A
  • Outside Dimension(mm): 510 × Φ219
  • Cable Diameter(mm): N.A
  • Mid-span port:Y
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Dome Closures

Part Number: GJS-D5049

Discription: 576 splice heat shrinable closure with 9 circular ports and 1 oval port, maximum 10 splice trays 576 splice. IP68. 


Dimensions of splice tray and storage cassette


Feature and benefits

▪ The Housing is made of Polycarbonate (PC), good mechanical performance,

▪ Dome type heat shrinkable seal

▪ 1 oval port for loop- through cable and 9 circular branch ports.

▪ Reasonabl fiber routing and layout.

▪ Big splice tray and fiber bend radius more than 37.5mm..

Accessories for customer option:

 • Grounding device.

 • Inflating valve. 

• Wall-mounted kit. 

• Pole-mounted kit.

▪ Aerial, wall-mounted or pole-mounted kit for customer option.

Part No.



No. of able ports

Dimension of cable ports

Splice tray

Max. number of splice tray

Splice capacity


510 × Φ219

1 oval port


9 circular ports

A: 61×33

B: 4× Φ23

C: 4× Φ20

D: 1× Φ26

24/48 FO


384 FO


36/72 FO


576 FO