Dome Closures

576FO 5+1 Ports Dome closure: GJS-D5766-II

Dome Splice Closure Heat Shrinkable sealing ports, max. 576 splices, with 8 splice trays 36/72FO each tray, 5 circular ports and 1 oval port. IP68 rated, suitable for aerial, underground application.
  • Splice: 36/72
  • Outside Dimension(mm): 550×φ225 425×φ210
  • Cable Diameter(mm): 5×φ23 85×45
  • Mid-span port:Y
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Part Number: GJS-D5766-II

Discription: 576FO Heat shrinkable closure with 1 oval port and 5 circular ports, 8 splice tray and total 576 splices. IP68.

Feature and benefits

▪ The Housing is made of Engineering plastic, 

▪ Dome type heat shrinkable seal

▪ 1 oval port for loop- through cable and 5 circular ports.

▪  Reliableand reusable rubber gasket sealing system for the housing

▪  8 splice trays 36/72 splice each, reach 576 splice in total.

▪  Bigger storage cassette, more fibers would be stored.

▪  Reliable integrated device for cable sheath and cable strengthen member fastened with metal clamp.

▪  Aerial,  wall-mounted or pole-mounted kit for customer option.

. Performances

Part No.



Modified polycarbonate

Temperature range

-40 oC to +70 oC

Flame resistant


Seal material of the box


Seal material of the ports

Heat shrinkable tube

Protection rating



• Perfect space structure design, better for fiber deployment and protection.

• The splice trays will not be separated even from 1.5m free fall.

• Reliable integrated device for cable sheath and cable strengthen member fastened with metal clamp. 

• The housing has a high compressive strength.

• Bigger storage cassette, more fibers would be stored. 

Accessories for customer option:

• Grounding device. 

• Inflating valve. 

• Wall-mounted kit. 

• Pole-mounted kit.

Part No.


Dimension (mm)


Dimension of the Cylinder (mm)


Branch cable ports and inner diameter


Inner diameter of oval port


Max. Number of Splice tray


Splice capacity of each tray

36/72 FO

Splice capacity in total

288/576 FO

Installation way

Suitable for aerial, man hole, wall and pole mounted