In-line FAT Closure

Item No.: GJS-HF2201-8SC
Splice capacity: 96 FO
Outside Dimension:  404*190*88 mm
Cable Diameter: 4×φ17 mm
IP rating: IP 68
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Part Number: GJS-HF2201-8SC


. Application

. The closure could be eauipped a adapter tray, 2 splice trays/ splitter trays and has patching capacity  of 8 SC adapters. 
. The closure is made of engineering plastic with rubber sealing system and IP68 protecting grade. The closure is suitable for aerial, duct or direct buried.

. Specifications

Part No. GJS-HF2201-8SC-II GJS-HF2201-8SC-II
Dimensions (mm) 404*190*88mm
Cable ports 4×φ18mm
Splice capacity 24/36 FO 48 FO
Splice tray count 1 2
Adaptor tray 1 1
Adaptor type and count 8 SC 8SC
PLC splitter tray 1 N.A
Splitter type Micro PLC splitter 1x8

. Features and Benefits

 ▪ The closure housing is made of MPP material
   Has good performance especially in Anti Chemical Corrosion
 ▪ Splice tray, PLC splitter tray and adaptor tray provided
   Easy for fiber access terminal
 ▪ Reusable rubber seal
   Easy for operating without any extra cost when reopened
▪ Design includes multi-holes rubber for drop cables
  Give perfect seal security for drop cables.

. Multihole rubber grommets for customer option