Half Splice Closure with 6 Ports and Max. 96 Splices

Item No.: GJS-H0966I
Splice capacity: 96 FO
Splice tray: 12/24 FO
Max. trays: 4 pcs
Description Splice tray Accessories

. Application: 

. Horizontal type splice closure with 6 ports ( all ports in the front side) and maximum 4 splice tray 12/24FO ( 96 spliceS in total).
. Rated to IP68, suitable for aerial, manhole, direct buried and wall-mounted.


. Features and Benefits

  . Compact size. 

  . High quality engineering plastic with good mechanical performance. 

  . Good performance in hydrolysis resistance, resistance to corrosion. 

  . Rubber grommet is re-useable. 

. Specifications

Part No. P032 P042
Outside Dimensions 120x110x10 mm 115x144x10 mm
Material Plastic Plastic
Splice capacity 12/24 FO 12/24 FO
Bend radius ≥30mm ≥30mm
Plastic cover For top tray For top tray
Transparent cover For other trays except the top one For other trays except the top one

.Basic Accessories

No. Name QTY
1 Splice sleeve As per splice fibers of order
2 Seal tape 1 roll
3 Insulation tape 1 roll
4 Nylon cable tie 3pcs each tray
5 Metal clamp 6pcs

.Optional Accessories

. Air valve
. Grounding kits
. Mounting kit for aerial or wall.