Half Splice Closure with 6 Ports and Max. 96 Splices | GJS-H0966I

Item No.: GJS-H0966I
Dimension: 295x200x82mm
Cable Portst: 6
Splice tray: 4
Splice Capacity: 48/96 FO
Description Accessories Packaging


Horizontal type splice closure with 6 ports ( all ports in the front side) and maximum 4 splice tray 12/24FO ( 96 spliceS in total). Rated to IP68, suitable for aerial, manhole, direct buried and wall-mounted.

Features & Benefits
1. Compact size. 
2. High-quality engineering plastic with good mechanical performance. 
3. Good performance in hydrolysis resistance, resistance to corrosion. 
4. A rubber grommet is re-useable. 

Model: GJS-H0966I  
Dimension  295x200x82mm
Cable Ports  6
Splice tray  3
Splice capacity  12/24 FO (Each)
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Standard Accessories


Splice Sleeve

Seal Tape


Insulation Tape


Nylon Cable Tie

3 each tray

Metal Clamp



Optional Accessories


Grounding Kits


Pole-mounting Kits


Air Valve



Model Description PSC/CTN Carton Size KGS/CTN Port
GJS-H0966I Splice Closure, Standard accessories N/A N/A N/A Ningbo

The package method can be customized.
We will order a proper carton for this product if the packing method is not available. 
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