12F Floor Box Fiber Optic Terminal Box | GP-T404-12F

Item No.: GP-T404-12F
Dimension: 123*183*37mm
Main Cable Ports: 2
Drop Cable Ports: 12
Splice Capacity: 12F


Fibermint GP-T404-12F Fiber Optic Floor Terminal Box is specifically designed to be installed on each level of a multi-dwelling unit (MDU) building for fiber to the home (FTTH) applications. It is the transition point between the riser and the horizontal cable and provides operators with optimum flexibility. It provides storage for both over the length and terminated fibers as well as serving as a splice point.


- Protection Grade: IP43
- Suitable for Indoor use. 

Features & Benefits

1. Removable cover with screw lock.
2. Operating space divided into 2 parts, suitable for straight-through cable or loop-through cable.
3. Splice tray flip design, its opening angle reaches 90 degrees。 


Model: GP-T404-12F
Dimension 123x183x37mm
Main Cable Ports 3
Drop Cable Ports 12
Adaptor N/A
Splice Tray Model N/A
Quantity 1
Capacity 12F
Splitter N/A
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