Fiber Access Terminal Closure: GJS-HF96-16B

Item No.: GJS-HF96-16B
Splice: 12/24
Outside Dimension(mm):  380*240*150
Cable Diameter(mm): Mid-span 2×φ18, Branch 2×φ18, Drop ports 16×φ3
Mid-span port:Y
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Part Number: GJS-HF96-16B

Description: Fiber optic distribution closure, with 2 mid-span ports, 2 branch cable ports and 16 drop cable port. IP 68 protection grade, suitable for wall, pole or under-ground application.  


Features and Benefits

. Quick installation type on field with only 2 bolts.

. All cable ports use internal thread and nut tight. Fully mechanical system and sealing is guaranteed (IP68).

Cable ports of the closureMid-span portDrop cable port kits

. All ports use Silicon Rubber and drop rubber with washer imbedded to ensure the sealing even repeat used.

. Easy for operating without any extra cost when reopened and re-closed.

. Splice tray is Book flip type and can be hold on 45 degree.

Book slip splice trays

. Accessories

Accessories of the joint closure

. Optional accessories- Splice protection slevee

Splice protection slevee

. Wall mounting kits


Part No. GJS-HF96-16B
Dimensions (mm) 380*240*150
Mid-span port and Max. Cable diameter 2×φ18mm
Branch port and Max. Cable diameter 2×φ18mm
Drop cable ports 16 xφ3mm
Max. number of splice trays 4
Splice capacity of each tray 12/24 FO
Number of PLC Splitter 3*1x8
Adapter panel 16 SC
Mount type Wall-mounted or Pole-mounted