Fiber optic splice box with 7 cable ports | GP-T224C-144F V2.0

Item No.: GP-T224C-144F V2.0
Dimension: 245×296×94.5 mm
Inlet/Outlet: 2/5
Splice Tray: 6 (Max)
Splice Capacity: 12/24 FO (Each)
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Product Description 

Applicable for the FTTx project and provide mechanical protection for the fiber management system of splicing. The box has round openable cable ports and 6 splice trays (144 FO).



 Rated to IP54
• Suitable for indoor or outdoor. 


Features & Benefits 

1. Easy installation 
2. 144FO Big Capacity, perfect fiber management
3. Key-lock system 
4. Engineering plastic enclosure, dustproof.
5. Inner support, cover can be opened at 90 or 180 degrees.



Model: GP-T224C-144F V2.0  
Dimension 245×296×94.5mm
Inlet / Outlet  2/5
Splice tray 6 (Max)
Splice capacity  12/24 FO (Each)

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Standard Accessories Quantity
Wall-mounting Kits 1
Plastic cross arm  2
Metal clamp 2
Model Description PSC/CTN Carton Size KGS/CTN Port
 GP-T224C-144F V2.0 2 Inlet, 5 Outlet, 6 Splice tray, general accessories  6  53x35x41cm  12.75 Ningbo

The package method can be customized.
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