Fiber Optic Distribution Box for 24 SC adapters

Item No.: FDB-T224C-24 V2.0
Max. adapters: 24 SC
Max. splice trays: 6 pcs
Splice capacity:  144 FO
IP54,  suitable for outdoor
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Part Number: FDB-T224C-24 v2.0


. Description: 
The box provides mechanical protection for fiber management system that includes the functions of splicing, patching and passive component integration. It has an adapter holder for 24 SC type adaptors (SC/APC, SC/UPC). For splice capacity, maximum 6 splice trays, i.e, 144 splices.  The space of the box is divided into two functional areas, the area above the plated is for splicing and patching while the area under plate is for the remaining cable storage .  The housing of the box is made of high quality engineering plastic which has very good mechanical performance and UV resistance ability. At the same time, the housing protection is rated to be IP 54, suitable for indoor or outdoor application wall-mounting or pole-mounting.


. Specifications:

Part No. FDB-T224C-24 v2.0
Dimension 245×296×94.5 mm
Entry ports and cable dia. (max.) 2×φ25mm
Output ports and cable dia. (max.) 5×φ15mm
Max. number of splice trays 6 
Splice capacity of each tray 12/24FO
Max. numbers of adaptors 24 SC
Cover open fixed position 90 & 180 degree
Lock type Key lock with dust proof cover
Installation way Wall-mounted or pole-mounted

. Performance:

Part No. FDB-T224C-24 v1.1
Material Plastic
Temperature range -40 oC to +70 oC.
Life expectancy 15 years
Seal material of the box EPDM
Seal material of the ports Rubber
Protection rating IP54

. Cable ports


. Cable Holder

· Accessories 

Standard Accessories QTY Dimensions Remark
Cable ties 20    
Plastic cross arms 2   For pole-mounting
Metal clamps 2   For pole-mounting
Optional Accessories QTY Dimensions Remark
Splice protection sleeve   L=45mm As per order
Buffer tube   L=50cm As per order

. Pole-mounting kits