FAT box for 8 SC Pre-connected drop cable

Item No.: PAT-8Y2
. Special designed for Pre-connected drop cable
. Drop cable installation by plug and play.
. Compact size: 274*175*82 mm.
. Capacity of patching: 8 SC
. IP 65.
Description Connector installation Accessories Packing info

. Application

. Adopted pre-connected cable technology which makes FTTH deployment and maintenance efficient and convenient. Special for pre-connected cable.
. Applicable for the FTTX project and provide mechanical protection for fiber management system that includes the functions of splicing, patching and passive component integration.
. IP65, suitable for outdoor.


. Specifications

Part Number PAT-8Y2
Dimensions (mm) 274x175x82
Color Light gray
Splitter in the tray Micro PLC Splitter 1x8
 PLC Splitter in the box Cassette splitter 1x8
Splice capacity 2x 8FO
Feeder cable 1 x φ12 mm (PG13.5)
Drop ports 8SC for pre-connected drop cable
Mounting way Wall mounting or pole mounting

. Features and benefits

• Drop cable Plug-and-play, 
• No need to open the box when connecting the pre-connected drop cables
• Separated splicing and distribution area
• Faster cable routing and sealing module make installation efficient
• IP65 protection also for drop cables with Fast Connect connectors
Compact size.


. Cassette PLC splitter installation

. Wall, Pole mounting