Big splice capacity FTTx terminal box 144 FO | GP-T205

Item No.: GP-T205
Splice capacity: 144 FO
Mid-span port: suitable cable  φ6 ~ φ15 mm.
Branch cable port: suitable cable  φ5 ~ φ9 mm.
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. Applicable for the FTTX project and provide mechanical protection for fiber management system that includes the functions of splicing, patching and passive component integration.
. IP44, suitable indoor or wall-mounting under roof outdoor.


. Specifications

Type Dimension
Cable ports Number of the trays Splice capacity of each tray
T205-I 265×300×78 2 side ports for uncut cable
5 ports for output cables
Max. 5 12f (single layer)
24f (double layer)
T205-II 265×300×90 Max. 6


. Dimensions

. Cable ports and suitable cable diameter

- For the loop-through cables, there are three options for the customer,
  . Grommet A, suitable diameter is φ6 ~ φ11 mm.
  . Grommet B, suitable diameter is φ8 ~ φ15 mm.
- For the branch cables, suitable diameter is φ5 ~ φ9mm.

. Features and Benefits
.  High quality engineering plastic construction (PC alloy)
.  Rated to IP44, is available for indoor wall-mounted or under roof outdoor.
.  Hinge structure locked by two screws and one standard lock hole
.  Flip design for the splice tray, opening angle more than 90℃
.  Suitable for loop-through cable.
.  Rubber grommets used for the cable ports sealing.

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