The outbreak in Zhejiang province has entered a new stage

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Author : Monte Carlo
Update time : 2020-02-10 16:29:28

Recently, the statistics shows the number of new confirmed cases are declining, and the number of cured cases is increasing every day. Now, the outbreak in Zhejiang province has entered a stable stage relatively, which means that the previous prevention and control measures is working.
The Zhejiang government has divided enterprises into several batches, some of the batches are already allowed to start open, and employees return to work. As the novel coronavirus outbreak still exist, as well as the first-level public health emergency response still activated, we still need to have full knowledge of the situation of the company, have all necessary equipment prepared (such as infrared thermometer, mask, disposable gloves, etc), monitoring everyone’s body temperature, make sure leaves no one unchecked.
Now as we know the situation is under control and getting batter, we wish this outbreak can be over as soon as possible and hope everyone back to work safely. 


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