Return to work has been postponed from Feb 9 to Feb 18

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Author : Grey
Update time : 2020-02-08 15:39:09

Currently, it is still in the critical stage of prevention and control of pneumonia infected by new coronavirus. Given the importance of outbreak prevention, a lot of provinces postponed the enterprises return to work to Feb 18thEarlier, some provinces had delayed the resumption of work until on February 10th.  
Zhejiang Province, which our factory is located, is also in the list of resume work postponed.
Hubei Province in China has been hit hardest, while zhejiang has been hit hardest in Wenzho.

Ningbo situations is much better. some enterprises will be allowed to return work before Feb 18th. The enterprises in urgent need to fulfill international orders can resume work on condition that on the premise of strictly implementing all epidemic prevention measures, report to the municipal joint prevention and control office and get approval , and simultaneously report to the leading group for epidemic prevention and control of Ningbo city for the record. As an export enterprise in Ningbo, we are actively applying to resume work on February 12th at present. At the same time,  actively implement various protective measures and arrange protective materials, contact staff to rework matters.

Good news is no new infected patient showed up in the past 2 days in Zhejiang Province. It gives us hope that we will win in the fight against the coronavirus soon.

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