A brief introduction of Fiber Optic Splice Closure

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Author : Monte Carlo
Update time : 2020-02-11 15:51:33


What is Fiber Optic Splice Closure?

Fiber optic splice closure is a sealed enclosure that can provide protection for the fiber optic cable splicing and joint from various environments.

For example, the length of a fiber optic cable is limited, it can't be infinite long, which means, in order to build long distance telecommunication or high-speed networks between cities, it needs to be connected one by one. Thus, we need Fiber Optic Splice Closure attached to the cable splices to maintain the integrity and continuity of the entire line. It is used to protect the optical fiber cable splices from the environment in all type of plant. Meanwhile, it also can be used for connecting 2 or more cables or distribute branches of optical fibers.

Generally, there are two different appearance, the first one looks like a flat case that can be opened by half, it’s called horizontal closure (picture 1). The other one looks like a cylindrical case which has a circular base and a dome on it, it’s called dome closure (picture 2).

(picture 1)  (picture 2)


Where are the fiber optic splice closures is used?

Now we know, the fiber optic splice closure is used to connect optical fiber cables or distribute optical fiber branches. It means wherever the cables go, it will be needed. Thus, it might be used aerial, direct buried, in ducts or underwater.  

Why we need Fiber Optic Splice Closure?

First of all, an optical fiber cable can’t be as long as you need, thus, in order to connect multiple optical fiber cables together to build fiber network, we need Fiber Optic Splice Closure.

Secondly, optical fiber cables are not only used to build long distance telecommunication (Backbone Network or Metropolitan Area Network), but also for fiber-to-the-house (FTTH) situation, such as apartments or houses, provide high-speed network. Thus, we need Fiber Optic Splice Closure to distribute optical fiber branches to each house.

Moreover, whatever the situations of the fiber optic splice closure are used for, the fiber splice or cable splice must be contained in a sealed enclosure, to protect it from the environment in all different kinds. For example, a soaking fiber optic splice closure may cause network connection lagging or even disconnect.


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