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Radio and television Group will become the fourth big telecom operators 2016-04-29
Radio and television Group will become the fourth big telecom operators
After the existing three major telecom operators, China Radio and television Group is expected to become the fourth big domestic operators.

Recently, the ministry official weibo confirmed that have received Chinese radio and TV network co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "China Radio and television Group") based telecommunications business license application materials submitted by the last month.If relevant licences issued, it will be a Radio and television Group to get a piece of basic telecommunication business licence.

Reporter saw in miit official microblog, "on March 7, 2016, China broadcasting and television network co., LTD., submit to the ministry of basic telecommunication business business license application materials, the application in the business of domestic Internet data transfer in nationwide, domestic communication facility services. Our ministry is to perform the relevant legal procedures."

It is reported, China Radio and television Group is to be funded by the state and in accordance with the law of the People's Republic of China company law to set up wholly state-owned cultural enterprises.Company operating in May 2014 after being.

In accordance with the plan, China after the establishment of radio, film and television will integrate the national cable television network for unified market main body, and give its broadband network operations and other business qualification, become the China mobile, China telecom, China unicom after the "fourth largest operators", is also a department of radio, film and television "triple play" of the subject.


Before this, the ministry has been to the China Radio and television Group issued the Internet data center operations, Internet access services, web hosting business 7 across areas such as telecommunications business license.China Radio and television Group have conditions for telecom business across the country.

It is reported that domestic fixed-line broadband business will become the SGC telecommunications infrastructure business first.

Although into the bureau of radio, film and will break the existing "three pillar" situation, but the personage inside course of study also points out that because of the lack of funds and communications core technology, the short time of radio upcoming impact on three carriers business.

Data show that China's Radio and television Group on May 28, 2014, funded by the ministry of finance, is responsible for the business, in relation to the cable television network across the country and to carry out the three nets fusion.Only registered capital is 4.5 billion yuan RMB.

And even get a licence of radio, film and television have competition on the basis of qualification with telecom operators, but from the point of broadband business, China Radio and television Group undoubtedly gap is larger and the three telecom operators.

Only from charges a view, the current based on fixed-line broadband, China telecom and China unicom two camps, user access will produce a lot of settlement between networks with each other.Telecom and China unicom can reduce cost through negotiations, but obviously not negotiating advantage of radio, film and television.
And in the field of Internet TV, unicom, telecom vigorously promote 4 k industry chain, this year also became a catalyst for cable television users away from the network.
With the communications industry analysts when communicating with the "securities daily" reporters said that get licences for radio, film and expand the business field.But even to obtain a licence from the radio, film and television system, the mechanism, the resources and capacity, it also need a certain amount of time.
"And operators are now in a state of upset, I don't think the Radio and television Group can do much good. More than just a means."The analyst said.
He also said that the industry after may consider more in the competition.Does not exclude the telecom operators could be more united."But in fact, everyone to see, Radio and television Group is Shared rival Internet companies and operators."The analyst said.
Professor of Beijing university of posts and telecommunications, director of the institute, three nets fusion Ceng Jianqiu also to the "securities daily" reporters, along with the development of the three nets fusion, especially the development of the Internet, it should be noted that in the past between broadcasting and telecom operators to set the threshold, gu.For more, realize that the future development of cooperation should be from competition to cooperation competition.
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