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PLC Splitter
Micro PLC Splitter Micro PLC Splitter
Micro PLC Splitter

Fibermint provides micro PLC splitter family(1xN,2xN) with features small size, high reliability, good channel-to-channel uniformity, with specifications that are tailored for different application and markets. All splitters provide guaranteed optical performance and high reliability that surpasses ...

Module PLC Splitter Module PLC Splitter
Module PLC Splitter

For real-world applications, Fibermint also provides Modular splitters, including cassette PLC splitter, Chassis PLC splitter. The plug & play function of these splitter give field engineers great ease in handling and installation.

Rack PLC Splitter Rack PLC Splitter
Rack PLC Splitter

Rack PLC splitter is that PLC splitter module fixed in standard 19inch frame,input and output connected with connectors and adapters,to convenient to optic link jumper,and maily applied in ODF frame and fiber optic cross-connection etc distribution equipments.

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