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Metal Fiber Optic Box
The housing of such items are made of metal and surface plastic spraying. The catalog includes metal fiber optic distribution boxes, rack mount termination boxes, Optical distribution frames and ODF units.
Fiber Optic Wall Box (Metal) Fiber Optic Wall Box (Metal)
Fiber Optic Wall Box (Metal)

The box is divided into two function areas, one is for fiber splicing and another is for fiber patching. Normally, the box is wall-mounted, but  it can be also pole-mounted. The dimensions can be changed as per customer required.

Rack Mount Terminal Box Rack Mount Terminal Box
Rack Mount Terminal Box

19'' standard rack mount type, made of metal and surface spray. Designed for placing 12 to 96 optical adaptors (SC, LC, FC and so on) and used in internal environment. The design of the distributor enables installation on a 19” rack.

ODF Units ODF Units
ODF Units

Fibermint provides 19'' standard racks which suitable for  the middle or small Distribution System of FTTx,  Equipment rooms, telecommunications closetsetc.   1RU, 2RU,3RU and 4RU space with SC, LC, FC,ST adapters panels are available for fibers splicing or connection.

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