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Lightning protection of fiber optical splice closure 2016-09-06


For the lightning protection of the fiber optic splice closure in the optical cable line, it can be targeted to the local weather and terrain and other natural conditions. Through the analysis of the fiber optic splice closure in these years, it is found that the following problems should be paid attention to in the construction and maintenance of the fiber optic splice closure.

1. for the aerial fiber optic splice closure

1.1 Fiber optic splice closure usually has reinforced core can be connected or disconnected structure, regardless of the electrical connection is disconnected mode, the metal plate connection structure to superior to a bolt connection, and bolt is horizontal open hole is better than vertical slotted structure, which is selection of fiber optic splice closure should pay attention to the problem.

1.2 Aerial fiber optic splice closure of metal parts, should it can be to every 2 km of grounding, grounding metal parts directly to ground or through proper surge protection grounding, such steel strand has protective effect of overhead ground wire.

2. For buried fiber optic splice closure 

2.1 For the telecommunication bureau grounding of the cable, the metal parts of the cable in the fiber optic splice closure should be connected ,the strengthen core, moisture proof layer and armored layer connectivity preserving state. At the ends of the bureau (station) in the armoring layer, reinforced core should be grounded, moisture-proof layer through arrester grounding.

2.2 For without the copper wire fiber cable, in accordance with the provisions of the YDJ14-91, in the fiber optic cable moisture proof layer, armored layer and strengthen core should be disconnection and are not grounded, to the ground is insulated, which can avoid the accumulation of induced lightning current in the optical cable. Practice has proved this method is simple and effective, as is usually the case, the metal component in the fiber cable of insulation value is higher, the lightning current is not easy to into the fiber cable, so as not to fiber optic splice closure damage.


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