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The Development Of The Network In 21st Century and Fiber Optic Splice Protection Sleeves with 1.4mm Steel Rod

2018-12-05 09:23

Fiber Optic Splice Protection Sleeves with 1.4mm Steel Rod

In the future, the network requires a high degree of flexibility and software programmability, the rapid development of the intelligent network is the existing telephone network for the development of the business platform, the future network will adopt a similar function of the Internet Protocol IP business platform, this platform will be based on the service level agreement (SLA) between the user and the service provider, through the policy manager to execute these protocols, and the policy manager instructs the network device and its support system to handle routing and exchanging packets. is the key to providing a reliable, scalable, secure, and manageable data network.

The future network will consist of four "s" technologies, namely, systems (systems), software (software), silicon wafers (silicon), and services. In this regard, we can be understood as: the system, the core of the future network will be photons, optical network transmission factors will be directly wavelength rather than grouping, the photon containing information will be directly into the metropolitan Area Network, enterprise network, routers and servers, and even users of the family. Software, network software is the future of the network of adhesives, because customers require a large number of programmable platforms to develop a variety of new business, new applications, so the software will become a network of new highlights. On the silicon side, the value of the network will continue to transfer to the chip, the demand for a single chip system breakthrough will continue to grow, from the chip start to provide solutions to the equipment suppliers will be the biggest winner in the next five years. Server, in the competitor's environment, the specialized server will be the key to expand the network market space.

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