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Huawei Released the Industry's First All-Optical Intelligence Community

2018-10-22 14:43
Huawei Released the Industry's First All-Optical Intelligence Community Recently, Huawei network conference in 2015 (HNC2015) has released the industry's first all-optical intelligent community solutions, and with other partners to initiate "all-optical intelligence community development alliance". As the world's first on the basis of all optical network open community solutions, Huawei will be able to more quickly and high quality to create community can run the All-Optical of wisdom, Huawei and cooperation partners, provide abundant wisdom application for end users, and bring new profit model to customers, help customers achieve business success. Along with the Internet of things, cloud computing, big data, such as the continuous development of technology, the demand of the community of users, from simple broadband Internet access, extended to the family, property management, community wisdom surrounding O2O, etc. Gradually from the simple wisdom of the community construction equipment manufacturer or integrator, to all parties need to participation, mutual benefit and win-win results of system engineering, involving real estate developers, property/community operators, service providers, equipment providers, system integrators, telecom operators such as multiple roles. The release of all-optical intelligent community solutions is in response to these changes, more efficiently integrate each function module in the community, to help customers quickly built can run the wisdom of the community, to the end user enjoy science and technology brings all sorts of convenient services. All-optical intelligent community solutions on the basis of all optical networks, triple play host community business, than traditional LAN save more than half the cost of wiring and equipment room space. Huawei as leaders of all optical network, of high quality network solutions has won worldwide customers recognition. The scheme includes the industry's first money and networking intelligent ONU (Optical Network Unit, commonly known as Optical Cat), with the terminal, wisdom can be realized all functions of the family. Huawei at the scene of the HNC exhibition demonstrates the alarm linkage function, when someone broke into the user's phone will immediately receive the captured images, can also according to the need to click the play, watch the real-time monitoring. At the same time, Huawei self-developed NetOpen cloud platform, provide standard open API interface, for the third party system integration, to develop basic network + cloud platform + wisdom overall solution of the business, can provide family "Internet +" wisdom, intellectual property, such as community commercial rich value-added services

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