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Fiber optic connector polishing material

2018-12-28 08:42
There are now a variety of connected optical fibers, the most common of which are 2.5mm, 1.25mm and composite cables. The end faces of the connectors are first air-ground to ensure an appropriate mating surface. The sequence of subsequent polishing steps depends on the connector typereverse return loss, and insertion loss. Ignoring the connector type, most polishing sequences begin with a high hardness polishing material, including silicon carbide to remove epoxy and coarse and medium grinding with diamond abrasive paper. These can remove edge material and fiber at the same time. The last step is to grind the fiber like a less rigid material such as silicon dioxide, which can lead to excessive grinding if it is too hard. Improperly ground material can cause excessive wear, resulting in fiber breakage during connector attachment.

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