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Resolve The User Installs The Optical Fiber Rate Problem? Cassette PLC splitter

2018-12-24 09:09

Cassette PLC splitter

After years of effort, optical fiber coverage has been largely "ubiquitous". Taking China Telecom as an example, as of March this year, China Telecom Southern Area 8M access bandwidth coverage reached 93.9%, 12M reached 80.7%, 20M reached 60.5%; the southern provinces of the south of the commercial building fiber optic cable access rate reached 97.7%, the village of the village optical fiber access rate reached 60%.

But the relative is the low actual loading rate in recent years. The so-called real installation rate, that is, the actual number of ONU installed in the user's home, generally a home installation of a ONU, users and operators signed business applications to accept cooperation agreements, constitute business relations. China Telecom Headquarters related people told reporters, excluding the few provinces such as Shanghai, the 2012 China Telecom provinces and cities optical broadband real-installed rate is not higher than 30%, that is, 100 households with access to the capacity of the family, only 9 access. This is why China Telecom's main task is to vigorously promote the FTTH implementation rate, the reporters said.

Why is the actual loading rate always unable to ascend? The reason for the refusal to install is to worry about being inexplicably installed after the payment of additional costs, fiber-optic internet is to speed up, the higher the bandwidth, the higher the cost of natural, general home users are not necessary. Yi surname User told reporter, she last year in China Telecom handled the optical fiber broadband business. But she still does not understand why the telecom operator "gave me a fiber, and then out of two network cable, two cable each has an account, charging according to the account number, equivalent to my family spend two money, they do this?" In addition, worry about the Open-wire installation influence beautiful, cannot external wireless router and so on, also is the user to the optical fiber broadband's cognition unclear, the usage difference as well as the demand direction insufficiency and so on factor is the general broadband user to reject the optical fiber broadband the main reason.

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