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Fiber Optic Distribution Box
Fiber optic distribution box, including splice type, connectorized box, FAT (Fiber Access Terminal) type. Some of the boxes can hold the splice, PLC splitter and adaptors together and make FTTH access easy and comformtable.
Up to 8SC Up to 8SC
Up to 8SC

The fiber optic connectorized distribution box is widely used as a termination point for FTTx, especially, for FTTH, the feeder cable connect to the drop cables by connectors. The box combined the fiber optic splicing, splitting and patching and provides reliable protection and cable management for ...

12 to 16SC 12 to 16SC
12 to 16SC

The distribution boxes from 12SC to 16SC have two types mainly, one type use adaptor pannel while another type use connectorized cassette PLC splitter. But both of the two types  use a integrated tray for splicing and patching. The boxes are rated IP54 at least, suitable for wall mount or pole ...

24 to 48SC 24 to 48SC
24 to 48SC

Except for the above two types, there will be a new type and it can hold max. 6 splice trays 144 splice at the same when it equipped 24 SC adaptors. Same to the other types, the multi-splice tray distribution box can be wall mounting or pole mounting inddor or outdoor.

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