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Development trend of fiber optic splice closure 2016-08-22
Development trend of fiber optic splice closure
Fiber optic splice closure is a popular term called splice boxes. It is belongs to a mechanical pressure sealing joint system, which is a continuous protective device for providing optical, sealing and mechanical strength continuity between adjacent optical cables. The principle is that two or more optical cables are connected together to form a passage, and having to hold and protect the heat shrinkable protective sleeve. It is used in fiber optic cable line project construction, and is one of the very important equipment. The quality of fiber optic splice closure directly affect the quality of the cable line and cable service life. Straight and branch mainly applicable to a variety of kinds of cable, aerial pole mounting, direct burial laying method of connection.
A early fiber optic splice closure, optical cable inlet and outlet hole number is relatively few, only two inlet and two inlet, or one inlet and three inlet, mainly used in optical cable trunk lines for trunk cable through the docking or trunk optical cable and branch cable splicing, used with each of the communication between the board of optical cable connection, it's the main cable line connections.
With the great development of the fiber optical communication, people need a greater number inlet and outlet of fiber optic splice closure, the number of the fiber optic splice closure at least three inlet and three outlet, or more inlet and outlet. This multi inlet and outlet fiber optic splice closure usually used between the main trunk cable and branch cable connection, mostly used in communication between the bureau and the cable transfer box connected, it is the second line fiber connections.
In recent years, with FTTH (Fiber To The Home) and broadband China to develop and implement strategies, People proposed for use in FTTH of the "last kilometer" fiber optic splice closure higher demand. not only requires fiber optic splice closure inlet and outlet more, but also be able to install a variety of drop cable, has the effect of splitting and wiring so that welded area and the splitter distribution area separate, closure internal wiring layout is reasonable, easy to facilitate the expansion and maintenance of the late operation. This splitter distribution closure primarily in connection with the distribution cable and drop cable between the home line, this is an important connection device FTTH connections.
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