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Fiber Optic Splice Tray Fiber Optic Splice Tray
Fiber Optic Splice Tray

The fiber optic splice trays provided by Fibermint adopts book type design and can be flipped more than 90 degree. The fiber band radius in the tray reached or more than 30mm. Transparent cover is used to protect the optical fiber and avoid them jump out of the tray.

Splitter Tray /Adaptor tray Splitter Tray /Adaptor tray
Splitter Tray /Adaptor tray

Fibermint also provides PLC splitter tray and fiber optic adaptor tray to locate PLC splitters or adaptors. These tray can be installed upon the universal splice tray and flipped as the splice tray.

Splice Sleeve Splice Sleeve
Splice Sleeve

The fiber optic splice sleeve is comprised by heat shrinkable tube, fusion tube and stainless steel bar 3 parts. Completely sealed inside, pretect the melting point free from wet and dust. 

Splice Protector and Cable Holder Splice Protector and Cable Holder
Splice Protector and Cable Holder

Here, except for universial products, FIbermint also provides mold design and mold manufacture to help customers to develop the specialized products.

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